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What Is a “Team Leader”?

If you are struggling to pay the bills, you may be a Team Leader.

If you've ever had your electric turned off, you may be a Team Leader.

If you are working hard, but can't seem to get ahead, you may be a Team Leader.

In SCLC, the “Team Leader” is the person trying to move from just getting by to having enough relationships, money and meaning, so that life feels more stable and comfortable.

Team Leaders are motivated to learn with others, help others, work with others, while making life better for themselves.

Team Leaders are part of a community that meets every Tuesday night in Lebanon for two hours of work, learning, and support. There is also a free meal and free child care.

What Does a “Team Mate” Do?

  1. Be a friend first to your Team Leader.
  2. Learn about his, her, or their dream and ask how you can be of help.
  3. Meet at least twice a month for an hour or two with your Team Leader.
  4. Encourage one another in goals and growth.
  5. Learn your local SCLC policy about giving financial help to your Team Leader.
  6. Do what you say you will do.

What Is an Ad Hoc Team Mate?

An Ad-hoc Team Mate provides a “task” or service to support SCLC, such as: help present a requested topic, fix a care, prepare a meal, drive someone to a job interview or doctor appointment, help with resumes, be a tutor, etc.


When we have the next date and you pre-register, you’ll receive a $20 gift card at end of the session. (1 per family)

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